Saturday, October 31, 2009

New England In The Fall

I have to admit, it's great being home at this time of year. The leaves have changed the air is cooling which is cyclical of life here in New England.
I've been traveling so much I've forgotten the simple pleasures of staring out a window, or meeting up with old friends for a cup of coffee to see how their lives have changed. I feel it puts things in perspective to a degree that travel does not, it makes one feel whole and peaceful.
To watch the sky change within an hour is something I've completely forgotten about, getting so caught up in where the next trip will be and then having to prepare for it takes a lot of the whimsical nature out of perspective.
But coming home always revitalizes the senses and makes me realize how much I've missed out on. I am looking forward to winter and not because it's part of that cycle but because it really drives home the nature of self reliance which is something that cannot be taught.
Like my private instructor Ed Kaspik at Berklee would say " you can't teach natural!" Ed, now there was a drummer of such magnitude I don't think I've ever heard anyone play like him, it's a shame he left us so soon.
He is missed.
I used to ask him what he was going to do with his break between semesters he would always reply " I'm gonna sit in my favorite chair and do nothing"
now keep in mind, our breaks were about 4-5 weeks long. Needless to say, he was my drumming idol.
Well, that's it for now until inspiration strikes again.
I hope you're all well and healthy and by the way...

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