Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Custard Pie & Southbound Suarez

The correlation between these two songs didn't actually dawn on me until today.
I was out for a drive with the windows down and the sunroof open with Led Zeppelin playing on the CD player, yes I still use one of those, and it dawned on me as I was listening to Custard Pie that the grooves for Custard Pie and Southbound Suarez are one in the same "ish" aside from the difference in tempos they are almost the identical groove.
That's the best way to describe what I was explaining about the feel of the groove on SS, it's a very simple groove but it's the feel which is the driving force within the groove, not the groove itself.
And again, that is what a lot of drummers miss or lack whichever you choose, when performing or attempting to perform these grooves.
I am actually going to be posting some videos over the next few weeks demonstrating these groove, well the basic approach anyway, as well as other videos explaining some grooves I am working on at the moment and how I've come up with them.

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