Thursday, January 7, 2010

Foot Technique

What are you views?  Drummer are always asking me "..what's the best technique for the bass drum?"

My answer would be whatever works best for you!  I've always played with my heel up but I've studied with some jazz guys who say "heel down, always heel down".  I just feel it lacks the power needed especially when you're playing in a club with no mic system at all.  But, even in the studio I play heel up and have never had a producer or engineer say anything remotely adverse to the sound of the bass drum.  I usually get complimented that my bass drum sounds so good, so go figure.
All in all I'd say it's a matter of personal comfort and taste, but I do have to admit when I am playing with a trio or in any combo setting I do notice I don't need to work that hard and guess what? Most of the time in that setting, my heel is down!!!

Weigh in and give your opinion guys, and thanks for joining!! Feel free to tell me about your experiences and share ideas if you're willing.
Have a great weekend!
Dan Dever

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