Thursday, January 7, 2010

Work for drummers in these difficult times!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you some outlets of creative employment I've been experimenting with as of late.
The old tried and true method of going to jam sessions to let other musicians know of your availability seems to be a thing of the past, and it's a shame because that was always a very good test of mettle, if you will.
So, I've come up with some new ways of finding work although not very conventional they seem to be working quite well especially in these lean times.
The first avenue I worked on was the "worship" gigs, these are gigs which seem to be quite abundant if you're willing to travel distances and show up consistently.
The average amount I've made is $200 for 2, 1 hour services now this won't make you rich but it will pay that cell phone bill or fill the gas tank for a few weeks while you're trying to find that ever elusive "steady" gig.
Another method I've been developing is "gulp" playing for free...I know, I know...just hear me out.
I've always been one to say if you've got the goods you should be paid a fair and equitable fee for those services however, we are in quite a economic pickle when it comes to music these days.
There are so many bands out there now with the DIY approach to making music, whereby any money being made goes into a band "kitty" which pays for gas, food and lodging if needed.  You can negotiate with these groups for a small stipend to cover your expenses of getting your kit to the gig and while it won't be enough to really make any money the return is two fold.
Say this band decides they really dig your approach to their music this could lead to a recording, which is very important for you to start doing by the way, and it could also lead to mini tours, or a full blown national or even international tour.
I wanted to share these ideas with you because I know we are all struggling to make it, and I don't mean "make it" in the sense of being millionaires, but keep in mind you SHOULD be getting paid something.
I once did a gig with a reggae band at a bar in the Boston area for a pitcher of beer and a plate of chicken and rice which led to me getting a gig with a R&B  band which was working 6 nights per week and they were right around the corner from where I was living.
Keep your heads up and don't despair, you deserve all the universe has to offer...
and your worth it!!

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