Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ocean.....

Well, it's more like a pond now!!  But damn listen to it on headphones and I mean a good quality pair of headphones,  not those little nobby things that come with your Ipod.  Go out and buy a good pair of Sennheiser's and really LISTEN to music my brothers and sisters.

Back to The Ocean (Led Zep)  seriously doubt it can be pulled off anymore which is why there is no more Led Zeppelin, that's right I said it folks...there will never be another Led Zeppelin.
I'm sure JP will release another album and he might even do a few shows but it won't be anything like what you might expect, that's just the way it is.  RP will probably slam into another drug counselor, which I laughed my ass off to by the way!!
JPJ will pittle about doing whatever strikes his fancy.... and there might be an attempt to replace JHB   but they will always miss the mark in doing so, because they jump on the bandwagon cuz that's what musicians do these days.  Integrity is lost in today's music world  a decision might be made to use shit I don't know Dave Grohl, that guy's got about as much ability to play those classics grooves as Jerry Lewis has the ability to play Jackie Gleason's character in The Honeymooners!!  Slim to none!!
Everyone thinks they know what it takes to pull of that gig, I got news for ALL of them.  The only one who even came close  and only in energy really was Michael Lee, but only in energy.
No one has or will come close!!   And that is fact!!  Indisputable and forthright!!
Peace ta all ya knuckleheads!!

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Karen Bache said...

Peace to you Dan Dever! I would love to see you play live again SOON. Karen Bache