Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Ting...

It kills me when drummers try and make videos about any of Bonham's grooves for instance,this attempt Aaarrgghhh! is well intentioned but, it's not the groove that was played by Bonham.
I'm not really sure if drummers even realize that those 16th notes are dubbed they weren't actually played during the actual performance of the song in the studio.
If you listen to the fills John Henry plays you'll hear that there's no way he's playing 16th notes, it was dubbed to give the song more of a active feel to that's all.

The groove is a lot simpler than that!  There's probably a few 8th and 16th combinations on the hi hat but a majority of the groove lies in the feel between the hi hat and snare drum.  I've talked about this in one of my earlier posts how drummers even well known drummers usually miss the mark with replicating these very simple grooves.  It's not what John Henry played it's how he played these grooves that makes them rhythmic gems.

Just had to get that off me chest is all!

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