Monday, May 23, 2011

How Many More Times

You know something, I've not had anything which I felt like I've needed to write about lately but there is one thing I have been paying more and more attention to.

I'm not sure how many of you have heard LZ's song "How Many More Times" but there's two things that have always intrigued me about this tune one is the intro where Page, Jones and Bonham are grooving during the intro and it sounds like Jones and Bonham weren't on the same page as far as where the time is then when JP comes in with that trademark riff, you can clearly hear that Bonham is on top of the situation.
Coming from the jazz world, if that kind of drop in time were to happen the track would have been scrapped and another take would've ensued, but that's what makes Zep, Zep afterall, innit?

The production quality is not very heavy in the low end, that's probably on purpose,  but there are some other really cool devices used most notably during the "bridge" way back in the mix you can hear Page has layered in what sounds like a slide guitar on volume swells or something to that effect, afterall I'm not a guitarist.
Also throughout the bridge you can hear Bonham's fills but the time is not being marked by a hi-hat which has always peaked my curiosity as well, was it taken out in the mix or was it just not there?

The energy on this tune is fantastic, it's mean and driving which is rock n' roll epitomized of course but it also reflects the attitude of the group as a whole when approaching song craft.  The consistency of the band's approach to all of their recordings is without doubt one of the best in the history of rock n' roll, in my humble opinion.

If you listen to this Recording you'll hear exactly what I'm saying about the intro, but if you listen to the live recording in Denmark HMMT Live you'll see there's no problem at all so I guess my question would be, what's up with that?
Whatever the reason it's a great tune and that's all that really matters!

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